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Handmade bags en Sicily

Exclusive Handmade bags en Sicily

By Bon Vivre

It’s not a sub-tone color, but an electric blue that this year will bring a breath of fresh air among the must-have colors of summer.

From the land of Sicani, among centuries-old vines and grains with ancient names, to rediscover the enchanting treasures, DANIÉ MADE IN SICILY presents a collection of jewel bags made with the love and passion of those who are deeply in love with their land. The 5 senses are all involved. Exclusive creations, handmade with meticulous workmanship and details to make you lose your head.

Like the electric blue FANCIULLA model. A strong impact first for the eyes and then for the tact. Colours and materials intertwine for a surprising result.

The FANCIULLE collection was created inspired by the famous Sicanian legend of the Testa di Moro. The bags are in fact characterized by the precious detail of the ceramic Moor’s Head that peeps out on all the coffees that are made of dwarf palm and pure handmade macrame. Precious details that emphasize the Sicilian raw material. The ceramic of Moro’s head is that of Caltagirone, famous all over the world. In the past, Sicilian dwarf palm was used by farmers as a basket or container for transporting animal fodder or tools for agricultural activity. Today it is reworked acquiring a meaning not only as a mere accessory, but in particular as a guardian of the past and of the folklore of the Sicilian land.

The Coffe in dwarf palm are all handicraft products and that is why they are unique models, one different from the other to reaffirm the concept of exclusivity prerogative of sartorial creations made to art.

FONTE: http://www.bonvivre.eu/2018/05/fashion-o-class/for-women/exclusive-hand-made-in-sicily.html

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