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Made in Italy tailoring for the Pantone Classic Blue

The sense of Made in Italy tailoring for the Pantone Classic Blue. In the coming 12 months this elegant and timeless nuance, intense and reassuring, will mark the palette of our lives. We live in an age that requires faith and trust. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue expresses.

Coffetta Frinza Lurex Bluette

A boundless blue that evokes the vastness of the evening sky, Classic Blue inspires us to look beyond the obvious and expand our thinking, challenging us to think more deeply, open our perspective and our flow of communication.

The fashion color 2020 it speaks to us of calm, depth, stability. It leads us to introspection and stimulates resilience, rejects aggression and opens us to new horizons. At the end of a decade, he invites us to wear blue lenses and look back to (better) look forward. It distracts us from ephemeral color trends and brings us back to the chromatic roots of elegance. So let's get ready to (re) make room for thebluein our lives and in our wardrobes.

The proposals ofMade in Italy craftsmanship and tailoringwho promptly took possession of this nuance and artfully created small manufacturing masterpieces. TheLe Gabrielle jewel clogsfrom the Hecate Sacred and Profane collection. In beech wood and leather, hand painted.

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